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J. Todd DuboseCarolyn Utsey

As I look back on 29 years in the ever-changing world of Travel, the one thing that has remained consistent  is the pleasure I receive from assisting clients plan their time away from home. Whether it’s a young couple’s first Caribbean cruise, or a family trip to Disneyworld, or a luxury cruise with exotic ports-of-call to celebrate a special anniversary, or maybe just a long weekend getaway to any major city, the planning can be as exciting as the trip itself.

On a corporate level, I have assisted many businesses in planning and organizing yearly group incentive trips, with destinations all over the world, for their employees. Some of my personal favorites, and destinations I would not hesitate sending clients to, are Italy, Costa Rica and San Francisco’s Wine Country. And, then there’s New York City, a city I never tire of and will continue to introduce new clients to even after I retire.

Travel is important to our well-being and essential to our education of the world and our growth as individuals. I personally take advantage of the opportunity given to travel consultants as often as possible by attending seminars and staying informed of product updates on cruise lines, resorts, hotels and group travel. A broader perspective gained through travel helps restore enthusiasm, while breaking the monotony of everyday living.

They say 85% of accidents happen in the home…so, why not travel?

- Carolyn Utsey

Carolyn can be reached via direct line by calling (251) 414-4613.

You can reach Carolyn via e-mail at